2015, Bring it on!

2015Here is the part where I tell you that I have been thinking and planning and finally getting down to business to put my goals into action for the New Year.  Then there is the next part where I say, sorry, not sure what I have been doing but that is not it!  So I started the New Year unplanned which quite frankly is a little unsettling.  I’m not even sure how I got to this point.  I think it happened because the holidays came so fast this year or because I like where I am so I have no real goals to change anything which is good but for me not to have plans for the New Year seems a little crazy.  So if you will bear with me, let’s do this together….


  1. Continue my plan to run a race each month because it worked so well to keep me motivated last year. (First Run happened yesterday so first race of the year done!)
  2. OKC Memorial Marathon in April – Do better than last year and with luck, skill and crazy things all falling into place, qualify for Boston or at least make it one step closer.
  3. At least 2 half marathons and maybe a 2nd marathon (it was kind of fun to run two this year and I’m a glutton for punishment)– Already signed up for one half in February to get my free jacket earned after the trilogy of last year.
  4. Long runs with my marathon friend and continue runs with my running club.
  5. Shoot for at least 1200 miles run.  I was so close this year with 1197 miles.
  6. Continue to enjoy running.


  1. Further training in mindfulness, PTSD/Trauma, and personality disorders (always intrigued at how others brains work and personality disorders are fascinating.)
  2. Build better and stronger groups to benefit my clients.
  3. Look into teaching again at the Master’s level

Daily Life:

  1. Find those abs buried under there! Also make my cross training more effective and fun instead of just fiddling around the gym on cross training days.
  2. Continue to cherish time with my family and keep the cherish jar going
  3. Continue to treat myself to a massage a month to help me relax and as part of my training (at least that is what I’m telling Dave. Hee, Hee)
  4. Practice more mindfulness living, my daily gratitude practice and acceptance of life on life’s terms

Now for the word of the year….

Okay what are you waiting for….

I thought we were doing this together….

This is the part where you tell me what it should be.

Looks like you got nothin’!

What if we go with mindfulness.  Since I already want to practice it more and learn more about how to do with others, this is the word.  What do you think?  I’m glad you agree.  So here goes to more living in the moment and be consciously aware of what is going on around me and enjoying it and just be.  Maybe you should give a try or we could just do this together.IMG_0444

 What are your goals?  Any words of the year for you?

Already a day late, oops – Janathon 1/31 & 2/31

I just realized yesterday was the beginning of Janathon.  I totally forgot!  Oops.  Well the good news is that I did exercise yesterday and today I’ll just blog twice as long (NOT).  So to make this one short and sweet:

Day 1/31 – First Run 10K, 48:56, 7:53 pace, 6th in my age group out of 98, 20th in gender out of 270, and 97th overall out of 495.  I got faster this year which was what I was really proud of.  Last year I did this race in 49:59 so a 1:03.  Maybe the speedwork I’m doing for my marathon is actually working.

Day 2/31 – Cross Training – 5000m on the rowing machine in 25:07, 75 squats, TRX pullups and push ups

I’d say two days in are going quite well.

Now I need to spend the evening figuring out my goals for 2015 (a couple of days late but better late than never.)

Happy Janathon!