Janathon 3/31 – The plans I had

Oh the plans I had.  To get  up and run at least 6 miles and then a relaxing late breakfast followed by an hour drive to watch a basketball game and my daughter perform courtside with the dance team.  Oh the plans I had.

Then reality set in.  Yesterday I rowed, I rowed aggressively, I rowed on that machine like I was going to set a new world record or at least a new PR which I did because I had never really done that before, which translates to arm, shoulder and back aches.  Not pains, aches like I did something good and I’m glad I did it but I’m gonna pay for a few days with some aches.  So guess what, reality had different ideas to my little training plan.  Good news is that I have been following the “run less, run faster” plan and I have added a few more runs in because I am unsure whether to totally trust this plan because it just sounds weird but my run today was an added run.  Therefore it was probably a fluff run and I will be okay to skip it.  Which I’m so thankful for but it does mean I may have to do 13 miles tomorrow on the treadmill if it rains like they say it might because you know, I’m so sweet that I melt if I get wet (okay not really and I might actually run outside but that is to be determined tomorrow).

As far as Janathon I think I have a little exercise to report besides thinking about running.  I did some walking to the basketball game from the parking lot, up quite a few stairs several times before, during, and after the game, and some speed walking to my car in the cold and the snow, as well as some aggressive cleaning of the car to get the snow off.  Then there were the calories I burned stressing out on the long ride home because the driving conditions were not all that great (continuous snow and roads that looked like they needed to be plowed badly).  So may not have been formal exercise but hey, we all need “rest” days too.

Happy day 3!



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