I know I’m gonna feel this tomorrow – Janathon 6/31

As part of my crazy “Run less, Run Faster” training plan I am following for my next marathon, today was sprints.  I might have liked them more if I was actually outside doing them instead of on the treadmill but when the temp is down in the teens and it’s dark, I enjoy the warmth of the indoors.  So inside I went.

Here is what it looked like:

1 mile warm up at 6.7 (on the treadmill)

1 X 800 at 7.8

1 X 800 at 8.2

3 X 800 at 8.7

1 mile cool down at 7, but sped up at the end because I wanted to finish 5 miles in 40 and just missed at 40:03 for 5 miles.

Ab stuff:

3 sets of 30 – crunches and side crunches with legs in the air

3 sets of 12: Bridges, Clam shells, leg lifts

3 supermans for 30 seconds each

Then some stretching.

As I sit here and stiffen up and every once in a while get up, all I can think is “I’m gonna feel this tomorrow!”  I don’t know about you but I think it will be worth it in the end.

How was your 6th day of Janthon?  Have any fun workouts you want to share?  Please do.