Taking care of ourselves…

Never enough marshmallows!

Never enough marshmallows!

Today I took the day off, well it was a planned day off in fact I took a long weekend starting with Friday.  I knew we were going up to Vermont to visit our oldest and I also knew that we would have a packed weekend so it seemed like a good idea to have a rest day on Monday.  Which in reality means a day to get stuff done after being gone all weekend.  I’m okay with that though.

I started the day by telling my family goodbye as they all set out on their various day.  Both of which took them away from home for either the next two days or the whole week.  I was okay with that too because it allowed me to spend some time with myself and focus on what I need.  This may sound a little selfish but I believe we need to take time for ourselves.  I know that I am a better person when I get things done for me and spend some time with myself.

Today I filled this time with the gym, grocery shopping for good lunch items, and had a wonderful massage.  I also took some time to really be mindful of what I was doing it while I was doing it.  The best was the massage and really breathing and relaxing.  I do have an advantage with my massage therapist because I have gone enough times that I know her routine and it always feels better knowing what is coming next and really allows me to relax and almost fall asleep.  Now here I sit enjoying my hot chocolate and watching the National Championship football game.  Just enjoying and doing things I want to do.  I was hoping to read a little which might happen but I would say all in all today was a good day.  I’m hoping that by taking this time off for myself I will be a better listener, co-worker and therapist when I return to work tomorrow for a short 4 day work week.

I think everyone should take some time for themselves.  You should look at it as taking care of yourself.  I know with the stress of the day it is often hard to take a moment and relax but even if it is just having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or hiding away in the bathroom for 5 mins to breath and regroup, it is necessary.  You should challenge yourself to take moment daily to regroup.  Take a moment to be mindful of what you are doing and why you are doing it and enjoy it.

Do you take time for yourself?  If not, why not?  If so, what do you do?

5 thoughts on “Taking care of ourselves…

  1. That’s a great point. I decided to take the last two days as days to recover from a busy life (we all have one!). Even though I stayed up late to watch most of three game, I feel mentally refreshed. I just did whatever interested me. And hopefully today I am a happier person for it! Ideally, better for other people’s lives as well.

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