Janathon 13/31

It’s sprint day, it’s sprint day!!  I sound happy don’t I!  Well I needed to sound happy because holy crap, it was sprint day!  I know that doing this speed work will help me (okay I am hopeful it will help my marathon time) so off to the gym I went after work for sprints and some core work after.  I am happy I made it through it but am now very much exhausted.  I will sleep well tonight.

So here is the update for Janathon:

5 miles with speedwork on the treadmill – 1 mile easy, 1200m @ 8.5, 1000m @8.6, 800m @8.8, 600m @8.9, 400 @9.2, with rest laps of 7.0 in between and to end.  Total time of 39:20 for 5 miles

3 sets of 30 crunches and side crunches

3 – 30 sec superman

3 sets of 10 – pushups on my knees (need to strengthen my back and shoulders)

75 squats

How was your 13th day?  Are you reaching your Janathon goals?  We are almost halfway done.

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