Janathon 14/31

Today is a rest day so that means that I have no organized activity today.  I think that work on Wednesday’s should be counted as Janathon activity.

So here is the breakdown:

Get up

Downstairs to shower and get ready

Downstairs again for breakfast

Drive to work (I won’t count this as Janathon workout!)

Up three flights to my office (always take the stairs because no way am I gonna get stuck in that elevator)

Sit down, print something, stand up to go get it at the printer down the hall (repeat several times throughout the day)

Get client at the door, meet with client in office, walk client to the door

Stand up for 1.5 hours and facilitate group

Back to – client time for the next 4 hours – with the same back and forth and stand up, sit down (totally going to count those as squats)

End the day with one for 1.5 hour standing session and facilitating group.

This is the part where I think I need one of those fitbit thingies to calculate how much I have walked!

So that is my rest day/long work day.  After 10 hours at work I’m glad to sit down and very soon head off to bed.

How was your 14th day?  Are you staying with your Janathon updates (I’m trying)?