Janathon 15/31 and a hopeful event….

Today  was pace run day and again on the dreadmill.  Kind of getting tired of the dreadmill but I would rather do it and get my runs in than risk my life on black ice and being hit by a car running at night.  I guess I make it sound worse than it was.  Really it was fine.  I started up a conversation with the person next to me on the dreadmill and learned that he had his hip replaced  4 years ago and has never really been able to run again.  I’m guessing but I would only put him in his 50’s.  The good news is that he is still very active, hiking, biking and doing some fun obstacle 5Ks for fun and not speed.  The therapist in me started talking about being grateful for what he has in his life and tried to help him not miss running so much, what can I say I take my work everywhere!  Anyway he was happy he could still do things but did say there is nothing like a “runner’s high” and I have to agree!  It was great chatting while running because it made the time go faster and when we got done talking I thanked him because now I only had 2 miles left and felt even more energized.

So in all it was a 7 mile pace run with an easy first mile and then pace after for an even 8:41 per mile pace.  Not to bad.

Now on to the hopeful event of the day… I took the chance and registered for the drawing for the New York City Marathon.  My marathon friend Judy and I have been talking about a marathon in the fall since she is doing an early April Marathon and I am training for a late April marathon.  The fall seemed like a good time for another one.  Anyway, if you don’t know, to run the marathon in New York you can qualify through time or go through a lottery and for me the time qualifier for the marathon would be 3:26 (holy crap who are these 40-44 yr old women who can do this which by the way is faster than qualifying for Boston which would be 3:45).  So I entered the drawing for a small $11 fee that goes to support youth running I believe so it’s non-refundable.  I have a slim chance of making it because there is a huge amount of people who enter but at least I put myself out there.  Now I just need to find a back up plan for the fall but I think I have a little time.  The drawing is the first part of March so I will know then.  So here is to hoping for the best!

Happy 15th day of Janathon!  Ever run a marathon?  How fast are you and if you’re really fast do you want to teach a 42 yr old woman how to get that fast?!