Janathon 19/31

Well there was lots of sitting, completing some online training for work and not getting out of my PJ’s until it was time to go to the gym.  Yep I showered to go to the gym.  Doesn’t everyone do that?!  Well really I showered because after my workout today, it was free chair massage day and I thought it would be good to smell clean and sweaty.    Not sure if that really makes since but it’s how I spent my day.

So today was cross training day and to change things up a little I tried this workout that I found on Pinterest (which is an awesome place to get all kinds of things especially workouts).  Here is the newest one I found and tried:



I was thinking, “oh I’m in pretty good shape I’ll do this with 10lbs weights”.  Well guess what, one exercise in I was headed back to the weight rack and picking up the recommended 5 lbs weights.  Holy crap some of these exercises where insane.  They really do bring up that heart rate especially the reverse lunge and press.   I was only able to  2 sets of 15 but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I started out with a 8.5 mile ride with random hills on the bike.  I’m finding that as cross training it’s very helpful.  And best of all I was able to finish it up with a nice 10 min chair massage.

Nothing like a 3 day weekend and now it’s a four day work week.  Looking forward to a busy and fast week.

Janathon Update:

8.5 mile random hill bike ride in 20 mins

Dumbell Blast

10 min Chair massage

How was your day today?  Ever try Pinterest?  If not, why, what are you waiting for?  If so, ever find anything good on Pinterest?