Trying to go by memory – Janathon 22/31

Ever think you have everything in your bag and then you get to the gym and realize you don’t?!  Well today was one of those days.  I am, however, glad I remembered all the necessary stuff like clothes, shoes and socks (I did forget those once and all I can say is blisters and don’t try it without them!).

Today I forgot my training plan.  It wasn’t too big a deal but my memory had me go farther on my run than I needed but I think it will pay off in the end.  I also wanted to try that dumbbell blaster workout but since it was in my training book, it gave me a good excuse to not do it.   I thought for a minute about bringing it up on my phone to hold me accountable but as luck would have it, my phone was almost dead.  Oops!  Oh well it was still a good Janathon workout.

7 mile run- 60:31 – 8:39 pace – pretty good run

Lots of stretching after

How was your Janathon?  Doing good?  We are on the downhill slide to finishing.  Yippee!