Snow Day Janathon Day 24/31

No run for me today but I can say I got some exercise done it was just not the organized type.  Today was get things done around the house, a kind of spring/snow day cleaning.  I started to feel like my kitchen was a huge mess because it took me two hours of scrubbing to make it sparkle.  Okay maybe it was just that I cleaned things I haven’t in a while.  I’m gonna have the biggest muscle on my right arm due to all the scrubbing (that counts as training right?!).

Oh yeah, I also shoveled and cleaned off two cars and totally broke a sweat.  I’m counting it!

In all it was a wonderful snow day.  Things done around the house, new recipes tried for dinner (were really good too) and a house that sparkles in new ways.  Oh yeah, a right arm that will be stronger because of all this!

Here’s a pic of the snow early this morning, in all we got about 7 inches.  Good news is that we are supposed to get about a foot on Tuesday (I’m okay with that because I haven’t worked a full week since early December and why start now?!)


Happy 24th day of Janathon!  Hopefully a long run tomorrow but looks like I’m back to the treadmill.  😦  It’s gotta be done!