How I prepare for the Blizzard of 2015 (26/31)

blizzardHow I prepare for a Blizzard…Well after a shortened day at work, I head to the gym.  I know, I know I’m crazy.  I’ll get a work out shoveling some snow tomorrow, after all, they are predicting 24+ inches of snow.  But I’m trying to stay on my training plan it calls for speed work tomorrow but I won’t be able to leave the house due to the snow so why not get the run in today.  I can work on core tomorrow with my shovel!

So while most people are at the grocery store buying out the bread and milk and acting as if we will never be able to get out of our houses again, I had the gym to myself (well almost there are a few other diehards that were working out too).  Don’t get me wrong, I had a short list of a few things that I forgot to get this weekend at the store and Dave was nice enough to go before he left for work but quite honestly it was things we could live without if we needed to but it was nice to have.

Now time to relax at home and let it snow!!!!  Oh yeah and hope and pray we don’t lose power because that would be the biggest downfall of having a day off at the beginning of the week.

Janathon Update:

5 mile run with 3 mile sprints of 7:47 pace (pretty hard after my 20 miles yesterday but done! “You will not meet your goals with easy!”

Core work and leg work and stretching

15 thoughts on “How I prepare for the Blizzard of 2015 (26/31)

  1. Ironic that you guys are about to be deluged with snow and we’re going to be in the mid 70’s for the next couple of days. It’s beautiful here, but I’d rather have the snow. It’s January!!!

  2. I went out running today. I don’t get this “armageddon” mentality people have about the snow. If it’s not too bad tomorrow I *may* go out running (unless shoveling takes a priority – fortunately we have a snowblower). I hope neither of us loses power! 🙂

  3. 3″ of snow here in the UK and the country comes to a standstill… i DETEST it! i mean i LOVE the snow, but cant deal with the inability of the services to sort it out! I admire you guys!
    Someitmes i wished i lived back in Cape Town… NO SNOW! 🙂

      • NO WAYS!!!!! 🙂 wow… We have only gad it bad once, when the car was just this nobbly shape in a sea of white… It blew my mind… Of course, coming from Cape Town, snow is a novelty to us!!!! Its also why it scares the hell out if me to drive in it… Never had to do it till a few years ago and knew no better… Couldnt get home and had to sleep at ghe office… Scarred me for life, soecially as my son was tiny and i couldnt get back to him… Was very scary!!!!

      • This is my 10th year in the Northeast and by now I have gotten use to the snow and embrace the days off. The shoveling on the other hand is sometimes overwhelming. We do have a plow who does most of the work so cleaning off the cars and walkway are our only tasks. Driving in it is easier since I got a small SUV, I just take it like a race, slow and steady! 🙂

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