Rest Day/Snow Day 28/31

Today was a rest day and I have it on Wednesday because I usually work late… but here’s the thing my office was closed today while they finished the clean up the snow.  So that had me a little restless.  I felt like I needed to do something but still stay true to my training plan and do something not to strenuous.  I chose Yoga.  Not the sweat a ton, do incredibly weird poses and feel exhausted kind of yoga but this one that I found on  It was a great gentle pose and stretch program that I will probably try again in the future and it was called Essential Yoga (you can find it here).

Give it a try.  As for me, I’m done and now I can say I actually did something for Janathon.  🙂

Happy 28th day!  Almost done!

Life Balance

life-balanceAccording to a blog friend’s website (check her out here: Piper’s Run) today is mental health day in Canada.  As a therapist I think that is a great idea and wondering if the US has an actual day like this too.  I’m not sure because really every day is a mental health day for me especially during the work week.

On the blog,  Anna talked about the following questions and gave her personal reflections on them and asked others to do the same.  So here goes:

Question #1: Give your personal definition of life balance.

Having my priorities in the right place and getting the most out of each day.  My life balance includes eating good, exercising daily, spending quality time with my family and friends as well as spending some quality time with myself on a daily basis and if it all doesn’t happen, letting it go and trying again tomorrow.

Question #2: Do you sometimes struggle w/ life balance as a runner? (running taking over, annoying others/not running as much as you want).

Sometimes I find running takes over on the weekends especially when I have to get the long runs in.  My family has been accepting because they know that I am a better person if I take the time for myself.  Plus I feel like it helps my daughter understand that as a women we can get drawn in to doing so many things for others we put ourselves on the back burner and we really need to create better boundaries and make ourselves a priority.

Question #3:  Have you ever made a physical list of what your priorities actually are? Whether yes or no, what are the top 3?

I feel like a makes lists daily for what is the priority of the day.  I may not write them all down but they are always swirling in my head.  But my top three priorities will always be family, spiritual/mental health and physical health (although those two are intertwined so easily).  Everything else makes itself a priority after that, like what do I need to get done today?!

Question #4: Have you ever taken a few days & tracked your time & see how you actually use it? Work, sleep, TV, phone, family, running, etc 

Not really.  I think I have a pretty good idea because I do have a training log for my running and I can tell that I spend a lot of time in the exercise world and know that I usually spend 8 hours at work per day during the week as well as try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night (cause I love my sleep).  So If I add that all up I would say that is about 18 or 19 hour accounted for some I’m assuming the rest is at home with family or running some errands. lifebalance

Question #5: If you feel like things are unbalanced, how do you hit reset? For some, it’s easy – for others, quite hard. Share your tips! 

I go for a run!  As a therapist I have days where hitting the reset button can be difficult.  If I’m in groups with clients, sometimes I will talk about having struggles with resetting (without getting to personal) and hear how they reset.  I find that helpful and they do to.  Also laughter is a great reset.  I try to find something funny whether it is a cartoon, funny show or just rethinking my thoughts and finding humor in my ways of thinking.  It is very helpful.

Question #6: Is improving our life balance as runners all about increasing positive things, decreasing negative things or both?

Yes, is that a good answer?!  I think life balance is realizing that positive things will happen and we need to enjoy them.  Negative things will happen and we need to learn from them.  But trying to decrease things means to me that we have total control over everything that comes into our life on a daily basis, which is so not true.  We do however have control over how we perceive it and what we take from it.  If we work on keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind, even when negative things come in, we will see them in a better more productive/positive light.

So I took the challenge about life balance, now it is your turn.  Give it a try.  Answer the questions and let me know about your life balance.