Rest Day/Snow Day 28/31

Today was a rest day and I have it on Wednesday because I usually work late… but here’s the thing my office was closed today while they finished the clean up the snow.  So that had me a little restless.  I felt like I needed to do something but still stay true to my training plan and do something not to strenuous.  I chose Yoga.  Not the sweat a ton, do incredibly weird poses and feel exhausted kind of yoga but this one that I found on  It was a great gentle pose and stretch program that I will probably try again in the future and it was called Essential Yoga (you can find it here).

Give it a try.  As for me, I’m done and now I can say I actually did something for Janathon.  🙂

Happy 28th day!  Almost done!

3 thoughts on “Rest Day/Snow Day 28/31

  1. Thanks so much for the link to the yoga workout. I have been doing yoga every day for the past few weeks and it helps so much with my running. I feel so much more stretched out and flexible. I love trying new sequences and haven’t seen these before.

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