Pace run 29/31

As we approach the end of Janathon I am reminded that we have had to pace ourselves in order to make it to this point.  Fortunately today was a pace run to help remind me of how much I needed Janathon to get me started and keep me going through the month of January at a good pace.

So for today I headed to the gym again because that is what I do when we have so much snow on the road I can barely see over the snow embankments at intersections in my SUV.  Today’s run was a 6 mile run but considered a pace run because in the middle I had to keep the same pace for 3 miles and then drop off for the last mile and cool down.  It was a pretty good run.  Felt hard to get started but once I was warmed up, I became focused on getting it done (kinda like Janathon ;-))

Hope your month has gone well and you are probably as glad as I am to be almost done!

Janathon update:

6 mile run: 2 miles easy, 2 miles at 8:20 pace, 1 mile at 8:00 pace, 1 mile at 8:30 pace

Stretching and lots of fluids!