Feeling off and Let down

So for the past few weeks including this week I have only worked 4 days.  I’m not bragging.  On the contrary, I find that it makes me feel a little off.  When I look at the calendar, in fact, I have not worked a full week since early December.  Some of those days I took off due to the holidays but some of those days have been due to the abundant amount of snow we have had in New England.  In fact if you are looking for your snow, I think we have it.  Since the beginning of February we have only had 5 days without snow and I think they were saying that we have over 7 feet of snow since late January.  I love snow but I think I’m done, really I think I am feeling a little off.

I like to have a schedule and I find I work better if I know what is going to happen in my week so these snow days, while I appreciate the time off with my family, I need to get back some normalcy or I think I’m gonna have to talk to my boss about working only 4 day work weeks (not really sure this will fly!).

So that is my feeling off, now on to my feeling let down…

Due to all this snow, I just found out that my half marathon scheduled for this weekend has been canceled and I also won’t be able to get my new jacket that I earned by completing the trilogy of half’s last year (which you could only get by coming to the race and picking it up also, as of right now they are not sure when they will be giving those out).  I get it, I understand that it will not be safe and shockingly they are predicting more snow for this weekend.  I was hopeful that I would finally get to go outside and run because I have been stuck on the treadmill since January.  With all this snow, I might be able to go outside safely in about April.  Now I don’t want this to come across as an all whiny post, in fact, while writing this I was hoping to inject some motivational, inspirational stuff, so here goes…

My training for my marathon is going great.  I have done all my runs on the treadmill and this includes my long weekend runs of 18 or 20 miles on any given weekend.  I’m feeling really strong and hopeful that this marathon in April will go well.

A little shoveling can be used as cross training right… well if so my cross training is going fabulous.  Plus when I am trapped inside, I have found some things I can do to spice up my ab routines and strength training even with my light weights of 5lbs and 10lbs.

Sorry I have been away so long, you would think with the days off I would keep my blog updated but sometimes when you “feel off” it’s pretty hard to think of things to talk about.  So like any good therapist would say, “It’s time to push through this and get back some normalcy” and this is what I intend to do.

Have you ever felt off?  What has gotten you back on?

Ever had a race canceled?  What did you do?

A little snow from about two storms ago.  Just add about another foot to this picture.

A little snow from about two storms ago. Just add about another foot to this picture.



The escape trail from the back of our place.

Most recent treadmill run with the snow on the way home.

Most recent treadmill run with the snow on the way home.


12 thoughts on “Feeling off and Let down

  1. Bummer about feeling off and the race being cancelled. I would be upset if something I was working towards was cancelled at the last minute (ish) so I am impressed that you are finding silver linings!

  2. Sorry to hear about the cancelled half 😦 But great to hear your marathon training is going so well. I am impressed that you can do all those long runs on a treadmill, but with the snowy weather it’s obviously the only option. We have it so good in Australia!

  3. Sorry about your half being cancelled – WHAT a bummer. I’ve never had a race cancel before but I’ve also been very hesitant to sign up for one in the winter thinking that I wouldn’t be able to drive to it due to bad roads!

    That’s great you are getting your runs in on your treadmill as 99% of mine are on my treadmill in the winter. I’m SO sick of snow too….we are just getting beat up on the East Coast, aren’t we!

  4. URGH! worry, pressed enter by accident! 🙂
    Starting over…

    THIRTEEN MILES ON A TREADMILL!!!!!! you need a bloody medal darling! WOW!!!! that is dedication and THEN some!!!
    *bows with shimmy hands* amazing… well done!!!!

    And OMG, how is THAT snow… i fell for you i REALLY do! I hope spring comes soon this year!

    • I was excited because this weekend was only 13 miles. I have done several longer runs of 18 and 20 on the treadmill recently and unfortunately have another 18 miler planned this weekend on the treadmill. Oh well. I am sure Spring will come soon and I don’t want to hear anyone gripe about warmth!

  5. So sorry about the snow. We’ve had at least 4 feet here in New York (Mid-Hudson Valley). I, too, am tired of the treadmill. And, sorry about your race being canceled! I’m in a funk, trying to find a new job, so I understand where you’re coming from! It will be spring soon.

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