I’ve lost my mind

IMG_0824Well, it’s official, I believe I have totally lost my mind.  The good news is that I have a license and can officially diagnosis myself with this.  Bad news is… I think it might actually be true.  Here is why, tonight when I went to leave work I noticed it was snowing and my heart skipped a beat (it’s okay nothing wrong there) and was excited that it was snowing.  Now tell me why someone who has seen almost 7 feet of snow in the last 20 days is excited that we are getting more snow still gets excited when it snows?!  Well all I can think is that it is beautiful.  Have you ever watched it snow?  It is so pretty and comes down so lightly.  It’s also so quiet.  Have you ever stood outside and just been a part of the snow.  It is like the snow muffles everything and it is so peaceful (well, except for the sound of plows going by).  Finally I find the snow causes us to slow down.  When driving or walking you want to slow down a little bit because things become slick and I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of sliding around anywhere especially without skates.

So the verdict is in… I have lost my mind.  But the good news is, that it is very peaceful with no thoughts going through my head at all.

Our huge snow mound and this is after we have had some carried away after the first big storm.

Our huge snow mound and this is after we have had some carried away after the first big storm.


4 thoughts on “I’ve lost my mind

  1. 🙂 i tend to rant about the snow but i also find myself feeling a little excited and totally mesmirised that nautre can be so amazing.
    I come from Cape Town in South Africa and so when i moved to the UK, i had seen snow, i had been skiing but i had never ‘lived’ with it. I used to stay up all night just watching it… i still take so many photos that is someone opened the back up i am sure a snow storm would fall out… yes its amazing… LOVE your post…
    I think we all have a’feeling for snow’… somewhere deep down x

  2. At this point, I look at snow falling with joy because the temps will rise! Take this past weekend, I was thrilled when the snow began in the afternoon (in NH) so I could run before dark without freezing! And then with the ‘warm’ sun on Sunday…the streets were almost completely bare by mid-afternoon here. If it means temps are above freezing, I will take a few more small snow storms until spring!

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