The Post Marathon Funk

My friends Troy and Nettie who finished the half marathon and waited around for me to cross.

My friends Troy and Nettie who finished the half marathon and waited around for me to cross.

Well the marathon is over, the one I trained so hard for.  17 weeks of training completed and the results… well not at all what I trained for.  So bring on the post marathon funk.  I was ready, I had done everything, and then it happened.  I flew to the race and could not stop sneezing for days.  Basically making it near impossible to meet my goals.  To say I’m sad or in a funk is an understatement.  I felt like this was going to be the one to get me near the 4 hour mark.  But if you have not ever tried to run a marathon while only breathing through your mouth I don’t recommend it,  I found it pretty much impossible.

With the crazy winter we had in New England, I was thankful to hear that the weather was going to be nice and cool and pretty much ideal.  But this is not about the marathon (I promise I will do that recap soon) this is about the funk I have been in since the moment I crossed the finish line. runningquotes2

Let’s just say there were lots of tears and some were from exhaustion while others were from missing the mark.  It was great to have my family and friends at the finish line and be able to share in the finishes of two of my friends for the half marathon.  It was also helpful that two days later I found out that I had been chosen in the Chicago Lottery to run the Chicago Marathon in October.  But then there was the how to get back at it without pushing too hard and still letting my body rest.  This is really hard because running has always been where I process, where I figure out how to deal with expectations when they go awry and how to move on when feeling stuck.

I was able to get a massage which was helpful and then my mom dragged me (it was fun) to Jazzercise with her on Tuesday which was helpful to do something different than the usual routine.  Over the past week I have also had a long run of 8 miles and a few short ones outside (still mouth breathing because of allergies but at least I’m outside.)  Then there is the crazy moment I had last week where I signed up for a half marathon coming up this weekend for my 43rd birthday and mother’s day.

I guess I’m telling you all this to let you know that even though the race was hard and I have been in a funk, I am trying really hard to get back to a routine and move past this disappointment.  Also I’m remembering that running is a gift.  Not everyone can run a marathon and this was my fourth one!  Not everyone can stick to a crazy training plan and keep the motivation going when things get rough and I made it.  So now to focus on my next race, read lots of racing blogs and books and prepare for the 5th marathon in October and who knows… I may meet my goal in Chicago or at least enjoy the adventure. runningquotes

9 thoughts on “The Post Marathon Funk

  1. It always comes down to one day way in the future, compared to when you sign up. You’re a terrific runner, from what I read into your writing, and your pendulum will swing the other way!

  2. I totally understand the marathon funk. It’s no fun! My friend told me it’s perfectly ok to mourn not meeting goals when you’ve put in so much effort. After that, then you can start fresh. Congrats on Chicago!

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