Hitting the gym for Juneathon 2/30

I had outside plans today but instead I gave in and went to the gym.  It was not because it was cold (50 degrees), it was not because it was damp (it’s been raining for days and I’m glad because we needed it), it was because on my way home from work, which was later than expected, I noticed this person driving all over the place and thought I really just wanted to relax and not worry about crazy drivers today.  My normal running route has to cross some major roads and sometimes you have to be on high alert from these people who pay no attention.  So to be safe… off I went to the gym.

The advantage was that I could take a video cycle class as well as get in a short run so that is exactly what I did.  It felt great and now time to kick up my feet and relax.

Exercise today:

8.1 mile interval bike ride in 23 mins

3.5 mile treadmill run with neg splits – 29:55 – 8:32 pace

How did you do?  Get your juneathon on?!