Day 3/30 – National Running Day

Today is National Running Day and unfortunately I did not get to run for myself or even for Juneathon.  Today’s juneathon activities included working late and running up and down stairs delivering paperwork to different departments.  (I believe this counts as exercise!)

Instead of pouting that I did not get to run on this beautiful day I will spend a moment being grateful.

I am grateful that I got to sleep in for my late day at work.

I am grateful that the weather has turned from rainy to sunny and supposed to be beautiful this weekend for my longer run.

I am grateful that there were a ton of people out there running and posting about running on this wonderful day (a little jealous too)

But most of all grateful that I can run.  That I have been given the ability and desire to work on myself and push myself to reach goals I never thought possible especially in the world of running.  Also looking forward to my 5th marathon in Chicago in October.

Lots and lots of gratitude.

Happy National Running Day!!!  I hope you got out there and pounded the pavement or treadmill.