Halfway done 15/30

Today marks the midway point for Juneathon.

Today marks the day that I start to think, I’m not very good at this blogging everyday part!  (I might want to go back to just submitting pics!)

Today also marks one week from when this exercise gets real again, when that training for my next marathon becomes my focus and I start to lose friends and family members because I have gone into the marathon training world.  Okay maybe not all that, I am not an elite athlete, just a wanna be!  But truthfully this is my last week of slacking and I really need to work on my food plan and training plan so I’m making this short and sweet.

Today I cycled 14.5 miles at the gym and did some weight training.  Can’t wait until tomorrow when I can barely lift my arms over my head due to the weights.  😉

Happy halfway through day of Juneathon!