It’s that time again (Juneathon 22/30)

Not sure how it got here but today is the day!

I’ve checked and rechecked and even had reminders go off on my phone only to prove that it is that time again.

It felt like it was just yesterday when I was setting the reminders and thinking, “do I really want to do this?”

Now that I have grabbed your attention, I beat you are wondering what is this crazy person talking about?

Should I tell you…..

Do you really care….

Well now I have built it up and really it’s not that big so I guess I will tell you so you can stop reading if you want to but keep reading if you want to.

Today is the day that my training starts “hardcore” as I like to call it for the Chicago Marathon.  I hope you just got as excited as I am.  No really I’m excited!  This will be marathon number 5 and I have high hopes.  Most of those hopes are because OKC marathon was hard and I still finished despite the dreaded allergies that tried to make me stop.  I am also happy because it is in the fall and I seem to have better races in the fall.  And one more hope is because it is a flatter course, close to home.  Well anyway, today it started which meant cross train day.  Now as I can barely move my arms to type and my legs to walk, I know it will be worth it in the end.

So happy 22nd day of Juneathon.  I hope you had a great day!

Exercise completed:

7.7 mile bike ride, 1000+ meters rowing, arm exercises and core exercises and lots of stretching

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