Rest day and Workout day! 24 & 25

So  Wednesdays are long days at work which translate to rest days and oops forget to blog days, sorry.

But then comes Thursdays which are back to the plan even when I don’t want to and today I did not want to.  I kept telling myself just go for a couple of miles and if you don’t feel it come home.  That’s a great idea if you are running by the house and you can stop but I fool myself because I run 2 miles out and then I have to run back.  Somehow it works and I am able to get 4 miles done.  And you know what?  After I completed it, the nap I wanted to take instead no longer sounded good.  I can’t promise that this won’t be the plan tomorrow after work and my 7 mile run.  😉

Happy Thursday and the 25th day of Juneathon!