Motivational Monday 9/28/15


Less than 2 weeks!  In less than 2 weeks I will be done.  Okay maybe not done but my 5th marathon will be in the books (I am optimistic that it will be a success).

I have now almost completed training for 5 marathons and it is true if you want to change your life train for a marathon.  Each one has been different.  My spring marathon I completed during the snowiest winter ever, completing four 20 miler runs on a treadmill (needless to say I try to stay a long way away from treadmills for this training plan!).

This summer brought it’s own challenges of relentless heat and humidity which only started to subside last weekend right after I finished my last 20 miler.  That’s okay, my hope is that it will not be this hot and humid in Chicago in two weeks.

So this brings me to my quote for today.  It’s one of my favorites and something to think about on this wonderful Monday!


Happy Monday!  I hope you have a fabulous day!


It’s here….

fall4Can you feel it?

Can you smell it?

I don’t know whether it is has reached your part of the world but up here in New England fall is finally starting to arrive.  I say starting to arrive because I don’t want to get my hopes up to much.  It has happened in the past that we have had these awesome cool days and then “bam” it’s 80 degrees again (sorry folks I don’t know this in Celsius but believe me it is warm!)

Last year's pic on Cape Cod in October.

Last year’s pic on Cape Cod in October.

Today I was so happy to be outside running.  It was in the high 60’s and it was the best track workout eva’ (that’s Boston for Ever!).  Okay so it wasn’t really the best but it was the coolest and it is coming down to my last sprint track workout for this training plan.  I am pleased to say that my 800’s were fast at the beginning, slower in the middle, and then the back half faster than the first half so overall good way to near the end.

Now back to fall…. Love it!!!  So ready for it.  One of my favoritiest seasons on earth.  I know no word like favoritiest and believe me spell check does not like it either but that is the best way I can describe it.  This summer has been humid and hot and really not ideal for training for a marathon but neither was winter with the quadrillion feet of snow we got.  Now I can barely wait to get out of work to get outside and enjoy the cooler temps.

fall6I don’t really have a favorite fall activity (besides running because who doesn’t love to hear the sound of leaves crunching beneath their feet and feeling energized with the cooler temps).  Oddly enough living in New England, I have never been Apple picking and we are surrounded by Orchards (oops).  Maybe we will do that this year.  I do love to take a drive and see all the trees changing colors.  The first year I lived up here I use to drive the same path which was always out of the way because it took me up a hill and I could see the leaves at different stages of color change.

Can you believe trees turn this color?  Neither can I!

Can you believe trees turn this color? Neither can I!

Since tomorrow is the first official day of fall, I think it is time to get out and enjoy the falling temps.  Dig out those sweatshirts and sweaters and spend some quality family time doing things outside because soon (if you are in New England) it will turn cold and the  4 letter “s” word will be falling from the sky and we will be locked inside spending quality time with our family members or getting cabin fever because we are locked inside together but I will save that post for a much later date.

Happy Fall Y’all!

What’s your favorite fall activity?

Here are a few more pics to enjoy!

Love the lakes region of New Hampshire.

Love the lakes region of New Hampshire.

From my favorite place in the world especially during the fall.  The family lake house.

From my favorite place in the world especially during the fall. The family lake house.

Motivational Monday 9/21/15

Happy Monday!

As I taper towards my 5th Marathon on 10/11/15 this quote has jumped out at me.  motivational115

My last 20 miler was completed this weekend and now I begin to taper and with it comes the mind games of whether I have done enough.  I fight with myself to not go out and add on lots of extra miles.  I know that I have to trust my plan and with this comes the confidence that I have completed 4 other marathons and yes it’s going to be hard but it can be done!


I should be fired…as a blogger

firedPlease don’t fire me from my daytime job, I really do like it.  But you can fire me as a blogger.  Recently I really, really suck.  Sorry!  If you follow me on instagram, you can tell I’m pretty good at that but really I am connected to the computer all day at work and really the last thing I have been wanting to do when I get home is type more.  Tonight however I felt like I should check in.

What have you been up to recently?

I have been training for my fifth marathon, Chicago 2015.  I’m pretty excited and scared but very excited that this weekend will be my last 20 miler and then the tapering will begin, well there won’t be anymore 20 milers!

This past weekend I ran a half marathon in Vermont and it was one of the best race experiences I have ever had.  I love how relaxed I have become before races.  I only had one moment where I got anxious and wasn’t very nice to my other half but I apologized immediately.  Hey that is progress.  Races are stressful.  I use to be so stressed out before a race I began to wonder if it was really worth it.  Now the races that stress me out are marathons and really it’s about whether I can hit my goals (which recently have not happened but that is a learning experience too, right).

Anyway, back to the half marathon race from this weekend.  I found this one by mistake or really I should say by procrastination.  I wanted to sign up for a half and it had to be on the weekend of 9/12 because it fit into my training plan.  However by the time I went to register for the race I had chosen, it was sold out!  I was devastated.  I had my mind set on this specific race, it was going to be my race.  The medal was cool and this was the right time and the right place but it didn’t happen.  So I went exploring… internet exploring and found the Charlotte Covered Bridge Half Marathon in Shelburn Vermont which happens to be really close to our oldest daughter.  So I signed up.  We could spend the morning at the race and then the weekend with our daughter.

The race was fabulous.  They limit the amount of people to 300 and I had not been in a half marathon this small ever so I was unsure what to expect.  But it was wonderful.  The views were incredible and the support from the race organizers was great.  The best moment came at the end of the race when there was one person left on the course and the race organizer gathered everyone who was there at the finish line and we cheered her on to the finish.  What a great moment!  I just kept thinking what a great way to finish a race and she is a half marathoner just like the rest of us who finished before her.  I have only watched the end of one other race and it was for a friend of mine.  There was no one around and the organizers had started taking down the finish line.  This did not happen here!  Here they cared about each person on the course.  Wonderful.  I would highly recommend this race company (RaceVermont) if you live in the New England area.

Here are some pics from this weekend, enjoy!  I will try not to be a stranger and hang out here a little more often.

A beautiful view along the course.

A beautiful view along the course.



The shore of Lake Champlain

The shore of Lake Champlain

I always struggle with getting my bib on straight!

I always struggle with getting my bib on straight!

Going out from the beach and the gentleman next to me was the oldest runner on the course.  Still competing at 75.  Awesome.

Going out from the beach and the gentleman next to me was the oldest runner on the course. Still competing at 75. Awesome.

Medal time.

Medal time.


Beautiful Lake Champlain in the background.

Met this wonderful runner.  It was her first half and she won her age group.  I came in 3rd which was a huge surprise too.

Met this wonderful runner named Michele. It was her first half and she won her age group (45-49). I came in 3rd (40-44) which was a huge surprise too.  Also think we make 40’s look good!!!