Always thankful….

Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the good ole’ US of A.  This just happens to be my favorite holiday.  I love the fact that we all take a moment to think about gratitude, things that we are thankful for.  In my life I tend to practice this on a daily basis.  I love to spend a few moments daily reflecting on at least 3 things that I am grateful for either from the day before or things that might happen in my life today.  For example: I am grateful for the long run that I had this weekend and I am also grateful for the strength that will be there when I need it today to conquer today’s challenges.  I really feel if we live in a gracious state of mind, we tend to see life in a different more present experience.

You may not be celebrating tomorrow this holiday of Thanksgiving but I challenge you to make thanksgiving part of your every day.  How will you do it?  I will continue to keep my daily journal of gratitude and be focused on the present because afterall it is a gift (present).  🙂 thanksgiving4