Janathon 10/31

I'm watching you!

I’m watching you!

Day 10 … the cats think I’m crazy laying on the floor sometimes moaning due to long stretching pain.  Their eyes stare at me as I roll along on the big black scratching post and make faces of discomfort.  As I rise to my forearms to complete that one minute plank they surround me.  One going underneath and the other sniffing my face and tickling my nose.  Oh the torture.  As if that is not bad enough, they walk between my legs trying to trip me and take over control of the house but I am on to them….Okay, maybe not!

So 10 days in and today was a no run day but did some stretching, foam rolling, threw in a plank or two and obviously some delusion that the cats are out to get me!

I hope you had a great day 10!

Rebel demonstrating his stretching techniques.

Rebel demonstrating his stretching techniques.

Constant Companions

I am a cat lover which some of you might know from this post.  They are my constant companions, most times for good but sometimes (around dinner time) they can be a pain (mainly because they are underfoot meowing/begging!).  I have noticed that they are a wonderful source of stress relief for me.  Sometimes it is just petting them while other times it is watching them chase each other around the house and laughing at their antics.  I love my cats so I thought I would share some of their best, most recent moments I have captured.  I hope you enjoy:

Do you have a constant companion?