2 months to go to reach all my running goals…

goalI took a few moments last night to look at my goals I set for the year in January here.  What I found out is that I’m not sure I was tough enough on myself.  I set a few challenges that I thought would be tough and they were a challenge but I stayed away from a mileage goal.  I was never sure really how far these two legs (and let’s confess sometimes hands when I had to crawl to get finished) could take me.

In the back of my mind I was thinking I could try to make a goal of 1200 miles in a year but I never wrote it down.  I guess you can say I just let things happen.  Well last night I took a look at my miles.  I was shocked.  I never thought I would run as far as I have.  As of today (after my 10 mile treadmill run at the gym because there was no way I was going to get outside in the cold, windy conditions) my grand total is 1054.59 miles.  Holy crap!  If I stay with the goal of 1200 miles, I should be able to actually hit that by the end of the month or close.  Then I can take next month off right?!  Well, we all know that will never happen!  Life is too busy and crazy for me to stop running!  How will I process all the crazy?  goal2

Here is how my goals have gone:

  1. Complete my first trilogy of half-marathons hosted by BA Events (already signed up for the first one in February.) – Completed it at the beginning of October! Can’t wait to get my “free” jacket in February.
  2. Run my second marathon and make it a much better marathon than my first in regards to preparation. – Well the second marathon was not so good and in fact it was my worse time ever but my 3rd marathon that I ran (and didn’t include in my goals because I didn’t plan on doing it until May) was my best marathon ever! So much fun, found a new friend and now I’ve signed up for OKC in April and hoping for an even better finish.
  3. Continue with my at least one race a month so I have a goal for each month to keep me motivated to run. – 3 more races planned – 2 for November and 1 for December.  I did pretty good with this.  I did not run a race in July or August due to how hot it was but I did 3 run/races in June and will still finish the year 14 races in the books!  I would say that’s pretty good and I am motivated to keep going.  Already looking for and signing up for races next year!
  4. Actively participate in my new running club (all signed up but haven’t done a run with them) – I did a few races with them this summer which is not great participation but I will keep my membership up and see if I can be involved with a few more next year.
  5. Enjoy running! – OH yes I do.  I am having a lot of fun, learning to relax at races and not take them so seriously and wonderful things are happening.  I love the running community!

I guess I will add on with number 6: 1200 miles for the year.  What a crazy number!  I wonder what next years will be?

Do you ever set running goals for the year?  Did you set some for 2014?  If so, how are you doing on them?goal1


2014As I think about 2014 I start to wonder what I want to achieve in this new and upcoming year.  I keep telling people it is going to be a wonderful year!  I’m not quite sure why I think that, maybe because I am hopeful, optimistic or more than likely it is because I truly believe it.  2014 is going to be a great year.  It will be a year that has a lot of changes for the good and it will continue to be a year that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

If you have read my blog for very long you know that I don’t set a lot of long term goals I tend to find words and incorporate them in my year.  In 2012 it was the word “gratitude”.  I used this word in my daily life by keeping a gratitude journal.  Each day I would spend a few moments writing down 3 things I was grateful for and never writing the same thing in the same week.  (Let me tell you that makes you really look at the small things in your life.)  I enjoyed this so much I continued to do that into 2013 and I am sure I will continue this practice until I don’t feel like I need daily reminders of the wonderful things in my life (which at this point will probably be never).

In 2013 my word was “cherish”.  I incorporated a cherish jar into the family life and would write down events and moments that I cherished.  We have plans to read all of the things that were written on them either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  I can’t wait to relive these moments with the family.  I am already thinking about keeping this activity going in 2014.

So what is my word in 2014?  Great question!  I’m not sure yet but I am leaning towards a word that keeps popping into view, Acceptance.  I’m still not convinced this is the word but I’ve been thinking about the power behind this word and how I could utilize it in my day to day life.  I don’t want it to be in a negative way of “just accept where you are because that is where you will always be”.  I want it to be a motivator/stay out of your head sort of way.  “Accept the things I cannot change” and move on.  Accept that it takes time for some things to happen but you don’t have to just sit idly by and wait.  You can do things to better yourself while you wait.  Accept the fact you can’t change others but how can you change your thoughts to make your interactions with others better.  Accept that I have the power to make my life different.  As I said earlier, I’m not sure this is THE word for the year but I know that I do need it to be part of my year in 2014. acceptance

I do have a few running goals for 2014:

  1. Complete my first trilogy of half-marathons hosted by BA Events (already signed up for the first one in February.)
  2. Run my second marathon and make it a much better marathon than my first in regards to preparation.
  3. Continue with my at least one race a month so I have a goal for each month to keep me motivated to run.
  4. Actively participate in my new running club (all signed up but haven’t done a run with them)
  5. Enjoy running! 

I’m looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring and can’t wait to share it with you.  Thanks for reading and Happy 2014!acceptance1

This Happened today!

I am part of a 30 day photo post on facebook and one of my favorite things was the topic of today.  We had to post “this happened today” in our own interpretation but it had to be today.  Here is what I posted:


The best part about it is that you take the time to be present (talked about in a previous post as something I am working on!).  Since I spend a lot of time in my car I am usually rushing from one place to the next but today.  I slowed down.  I took the long way!  I looked around.  I enjoyed the windows down for a change.  It was wonderful.  I also dreamed of having my running clothes on because it would have been perfect but instead I stayed working.  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow.

So what would you take a picture of?  How would you frame what happened to you today?

My Hero

hero1So today’s daily prompt is to write about your hero.  When you think about it, it sounds like it could be really simple but I am not sure it is really that simple.  As I look at my life and think about the people in my life who have helped me get to where I am, I can think of many people I consider my hero.

My first thought is my grandfather.  He died when I was just 19 but I remember spending so much time with him. One of my favorite moments was making cinnamon rolls on the weekend and then giving them out to people in the neighborhood because really there is no way we could eat 8 pans of cinnamon rolls (or maybe we could we would just be 3000 pounds!)  What I loved/love about him was his commitment to God and how he would practice his faith on a daily basis.  He also would go and preach/speak at nursing homes on Sunday morning to those who could not leave and go to church.  When he passed away I was lucky enough to get his bible.  Every once and awhile I open it up and really feel his presence.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life (I can still feel his presence on a somewhat daily basis).

A career hero I have is my friend Ed.  He was my internship advisor as I plugged along through grad school and tried to make my way.  He was/is always there to challenge me and help me to become a better Clinician.

My daughter is a hero of mine too.  She is courageous for all she has gone through in her short 18 years on this earth.  She is a constant performer and when she gets on stage to dance, I am overwhelmed by her courage, grace and ability.  I love to watch her and feel blessed that I have been given such a wonderful human being to raise and be a part of her life.

Another hero of mine is my partner in crime, Dave.  We have been together for a long time and have been through many, many ups and downs.  I admire him for how he provides for our family and how he would do anything for all of us at any time (even going out and getting gas when it is freezing and I don’t want to get to cold!).  Also that he has been there for me when I have been challenged to the point where I don’t think I can go on.  I know that he is my rock and even though I am strong and could make it, I would never want to try without him! hero

These are just a few people I consider my heros.  It is so hard to name just one.  Do you have the same problem?  I guess I just get a lot from the people in my life and I believe that that is how it is supposed to be!

Who is your hero?  Why?

8000 of my closest friends

IMG_0313Yesterday I went to the Massachusetts Conference for Women.  It was just a small convention with 8000 of my closest friends.  It was a great day filled with inspiring women empowering all of us to imagine a world and go out and act on our imaginations.  I was excited to meet two people who I have followed for years (one a few years more than the other but who is counting).   The only unfortunate part of my day was the three hours it took me to drive into Boston versus the hour it was supposed to take me but as I reflect on it, it was worth it.  Here is what I got from the day:

“Who I am is not a life sentence” – Delia Ephron (Nora Ephron’s sister)

“If we have the power to imagine anything, why not imagine the best?” – Arianna Huffington

A simple $250 investment, the willingness to work hard, and a clever new idea, can take you far. – Barbara Bradley, creator of Vera Bradley IMG_0322

What are you going to give back to the world? – Kristin Chenoweth

I wish I would have been able to hear more but again it comes back to the extra hours spent in the car just wanting to be there.  One of my favorite speakers, Brene’ Brown spoke about Vulnerability.  I was unable to hear her speak but was able to get her autograph and had someone take this very blurry picture and I should even add, unflattering! IMG_0312 If you haven’t heard her talks here is a good place to check them out.  It only takes a few minutes and her ideas and insights could change the way you think.

The luncheon was packed with guest speakers but of course one of my favorites was from my home state of Oklahoma, Kristin Chenoweth.  I was able to meet her too and have her sign my book as well as something for my daughter who just got accepted into OCU and a talent scholarship for dance.  It was awesome to share that with Kristin since she graduated from there.  I love to make that connection with people. IMG_0339

I guess what I am saying is that I will go back next year, plan my drive a little better, and I look forward to being inspired once again to dream and imagine big.

Daily Prompt: Oasis: My Sanctuary

Daily Prompt: (from WordPress): “A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.”

lake1Sanctuary = safety, a place to relax, a place to reconnect with self, with a higher power, with our self-confidence.  When I find myself overwhelmed I use a trick I teach quite a few of my clients with anxiety.  It’s called visualization and using your favorite place makes the visualization that much easier.  Here is where I go….

Our family lake house.  It is on an island so the trek begins via a small boat and short ride across to the island.  As we move across the water, I can see to the bottom.  The water is so clear and you can see the rocks that line the bottom.

Once we make it to shore at the island, I find myself drawn to sit at the edge of the dock.  It is here that you can hear the gentle lapping of the water against the dock and the rocks on shore.  Sticking my feet in the water, I can feel the refreshing coolness of the water.  It is also here that I can see to the bottom of the lake which is only about 3 feet deep.  The small sunfish are swimming around and every once in a while one will be brave enough to approach your toes and even take a nibble.  A gentle breeze blows through the trees and you can hear the rustle of the leaves.  The smell of the wind and water is so clean and refreshing.  lake2

I lay back on the dock with my feet hanging in the water and feel the warmth of the wood on my back as the sun beats down on my face.  Closing my eyes to hear the sounds of the loons and the nearby ducks.

I feel like I am there right now!  This is where I go when I can’t actually go.  And when I can it is that much better.

My other option is for a run.  Another place to just let go of the stress and overwhelmingness of the day and refocus.  Whether it is at the gym on the dreadmill or outside in my neighborhood, nothing beats a good run!

Maybe you can try the visualization next time you need to escape or better yet I hope you can go to your sanctuary!  Where is your santuary? lake




Really living!

“They really lived!!” a quote from Secondhand Lions

Last night I got home kind of late after spending the evening with some wonderful ladies and when I came in Dave was watching the end of a movie.  I felt like I had seen the movie but couldn’t really remember but I wanted to respect him and his viewing but I wanted to chat so I sat down and watched the last few minutes.

Then I heard that line, “They really lived”.  This got me to thinking, what does it mean to really live?  Will people say that about me when I die?  “She really lived!”

I want them too.  And I really want to live today so I can give them a chance to say it some 50 or so years from now (very optimistic that I will live healthly for a long time!).

But then that makes me begin to define what does it mean to “really live”.  Most of our days are filled with routines.  We have work, meetings after work, kids to get to dance or other activities, and we go, go, go.  Then on the weekends we try and rest.  Is that how we want to live?  Probably not all of that but how do we find a balance that allows us to really LIVE?

As I have been saying this week, I am on a staycation at home between jobs and I am trying to relax and with that comes defining how to relax (still working on that) but now I add on what does it mean to Live?  Could I give myself one more challenge for the week, I thought I was on vacation?!  But I think defining how we live also defines how we relax so as much as those two maybe seem like separate concepts I think they are very similar. 

This is what I have thought so far about living:

  1. Make the most of everyday
  2. Smile a lot because I am convinced it can change your mood.  It is hard to smile when you are in a bad mood but if you try it, it can make it better faster.
  3. Enjoy the people you are with.  Including take time and get together with others.  It is so worth it!
  4. Allow yourself to cry and show emotions.  I am taking this one to heart this year and as you already know, I cry a lot especially when it has to do with my senior in high school.
  5. Tell people how much they mean to you.  They want to hear it but won’t ask and you will benefit from it too as long as it is the truth.
  6. Do something with your partner/spouse/good friend at least once a month.
  7. Try new things.  Just recently went rock climbing for the first time.  It was great and something I had never done before.
  8. Read and develop new knowledge about new things of interest.  You can teach old dogs new tricks!
  9. Take time to relax.  Working on it but if I am doing some of these other items, I find it very relaxing.
  10. Last but not least…. Remember to take time for yourself.  I do mine through running and training.  I really get in touch with my body and feel at peace (most of the time!).


I hope you find these helpful.  I am sure if I stick to this plan others will exclaim after my long, long life, “She really lived!”