8000 of my closest friends

IMG_0313Yesterday I went to the Massachusetts Conference for Women.  It was just a small convention with 8000 of my closest friends.  It was a great day filled with inspiring women empowering all of us to imagine a world and go out and act on our imaginations.  I was excited to meet two people who I have followed for years (one a few years more than the other but who is counting).   The only unfortunate part of my day was the three hours it took me to drive into Boston versus the hour it was supposed to take me but as I reflect on it, it was worth it.  Here is what I got from the day:

“Who I am is not a life sentence” – Delia Ephron (Nora Ephron’s sister)

“If we have the power to imagine anything, why not imagine the best?” – Arianna Huffington

A simple $250 investment, the willingness to work hard, and a clever new idea, can take you far. – Barbara Bradley, creator of Vera Bradley IMG_0322

What are you going to give back to the world? – Kristin Chenoweth

I wish I would have been able to hear more but again it comes back to the extra hours spent in the car just wanting to be there.  One of my favorite speakers, Brene’ Brown spoke about Vulnerability.  I was unable to hear her speak but was able to get her autograph and had someone take this very blurry picture and I should even add, unflattering! IMG_0312 If you haven’t heard her talks here is a good place to check them out.  It only takes a few minutes and her ideas and insights could change the way you think.

The luncheon was packed with guest speakers but of course one of my favorites was from my home state of Oklahoma, Kristin Chenoweth.  I was able to meet her too and have her sign my book as well as something for my daughter who just got accepted into OCU and a talent scholarship for dance.  It was awesome to share that with Kristin since she graduated from there.  I love to make that connection with people. IMG_0339

I guess what I am saying is that I will go back next year, plan my drive a little better, and I look forward to being inspired once again to dream and imagine big.