Janathon 21/31 – Thank you

Dear Janathon,

Thank you for making me think about how I was going to get exercise on a day that is a “rest” day.  Thank you for making me try to manipulate my day in some way to get some exercise with no avail.  But most of all thank you for making me complete 10 deep squats while getting ready for bed to totally qualify as organized activity for the day.

From one squat lover to another.

Thanks so much.  Love,


What did you do today?  Happy 21st day of Janathon!

New mantra and Janathon 20/31

sprintsToday I struggled to complete my workout.  My training plan calls for sprints on Tuesday’s because that is what I wanted, I wanted to get faster.  Today however was hard.  The plan said I had to do 5 x 1000m at 4:46 pace (7:37 per mile).  I decided I would do them at a faster pace then required so I cranked the wonderful treadmill up to 8.6 (6:58 per mile).  I can tell you I was ready for the resting jog after each of the 5 sprints.  I was able to do the first two sets with some struggle but tried to really get into it.

When I got to the third sprint I just wanted to give up and call it a bad day.  I was also thinking, “maybe I should just slow down to the pace I was supposed to go and it will be easier”.  Well that was the wrong thing to say to myself because I got mad at myself.  I started to yell at myself internally (which is good because the gym was pretty full this evening).

Who wants it to be easier?

Would I be happier with easier?

Would I get faster with easier?

So I pushed on, but believe me I wasn’t happy!  I started telling myself over and over, “you will not meet your goals with easy!”  This did it to get me through the last of the sprints, I did however cut the cool down a little shorter just because I needed to stop and really catch my breath.  I was happy I kept going but because of all the negative thoughts I thought I needed to challenge myself a little more (what can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment!).

Instead of just stretching I did some core work: planks, crunches, bridges, supermans and some hip flexor work with clam shells and leg lifts.  At this point, I stopped.  Which believe me my body was overly thrilled to do.

I would say overall today’s workout went well and so glad to have developed a new mantra: You will not meet your goals with easy!  I have a feeling this will come in handy as I am only 4 weeks in to this 17 week training plan.  So here we go.

Have you ever developed a mantra?  What is it?  If not, are you willing to give it a try?  I am pretty sure once I get to the marathon my mantra will change to get me to the end but while training I think I have found a good one.

Janathon Update:  Run 6 miles w/sprints with a 7:54 pace overall, 2-1min planks, 2-30 supermans, 2 sets= 30 crunches and side crunches, 12 bridges, clams, leg lifts


Janathon 19/31

Well there was lots of sitting, completing some online training for work and not getting out of my PJ’s until it was time to go to the gym.  Yep I showered to go to the gym.  Doesn’t everyone do that?!  Well really I showered because after my workout today, it was free chair massage day and I thought it would be good to smell clean and sweaty.    Not sure if that really makes since but it’s how I spent my day.

So today was cross training day and to change things up a little I tried this workout that I found on Pinterest (which is an awesome place to get all kinds of things especially workouts).  Here is the newest one I found and tried:



I was thinking, “oh I’m in pretty good shape I’ll do this with 10lbs weights”.  Well guess what, one exercise in I was headed back to the weight rack and picking up the recommended 5 lbs weights.  Holy crap some of these exercises where insane.  They really do bring up that heart rate especially the reverse lunge and press.   I was only able to  2 sets of 15 but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I started out with a 8.5 mile ride with random hills on the bike.  I’m finding that as cross training it’s very helpful.  And best of all I was able to finish it up with a nice 10 min chair massage.

Nothing like a 3 day weekend and now it’s a four day work week.  Looking forward to a busy and fast week.

Janathon Update:

8.5 mile random hill bike ride in 20 mins

Dumbell Blast

10 min Chair massage

How was your day today?  Ever try Pinterest?  If not, why, what are you waiting for?  If so, ever find anything good on Pinterest?



Janathon 18/31

Today’s exercise is brought to you by errands and things I “have to” do.  So no gym and no running outside.

Total workout includes:

20 mins straightening the house up for visitors and cleaning the bathroom

30 mins shopping in Target battling the crowds and getting the last minute items for college student returning to college

5 mins up and down the stairs carrying heavy bags, loading the car wondering how this child got all this home and what is this going to look at to bring all this home in May (gonna need to rent a uhaul)

2 hours of riding in the car stressing about the crazy drivers who are struggling to drive in the rain and sometimes ice

10 mins unloading said college student and getting all of her belongings to her room

And finally 3.5 hours stressing with heart rate rising watching my New England Patriots beat up on the Colts to go to the Superbowl!  Yippee and now to calm my breathing.

So I totally believe this was a great “rest day” for my marathon training and I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Did you have a great weekend?  I hope you did.

Tomorrow is a holiday for me so a little sleeping in.  Yeah!


Janathon 17/31 – Wimped out, kinda

Today it was cold like not out of the teens cold.  That is okay and a doable temp most of the time, it’s when they say it’s windy that I wimp out with a single digit windchill in fact.  I have enough clothes that can keep me warm but I don’t like to be cold.  So I wimped out.  I went to the gym instead.  I did however rack of the miles and it felt great even with throwing in some hills as I ran.  I was surprised that I was able to run the last 2 miles faster than the rest and the final mile sub 9mins.  I am thinking this training plan is really working (Run Less Run Faster by Runners World)  I am also surprised by the fact that with less running my endurance is actually getting better.  I think it’s from those sprints and really pushing myself.  The pace I was supposed to run was 10:06 per mile and I was able to keep it at 9:13 for most of it and speed it up at the end.  I even had energy when I was done which is usually not so.  I’m glad I did it but maybe next time I will try it outside cause 17 miles on the treadmill does get a little boring.


How was your 17th day of Janathon?  We are on the downhill slide.  Yippee!


Nothing but a Janathon update 16/31

Went to the gym after work,

Cross Trained!

20 min bike ride – 6.9 miles interval training on the spin bike

Ab work out with a ball (that will hurt tomorrow)

Squat workout (that might hurt tomorrow too)

6 mins worth of planks and side planks (that hurts now)

Now family dinner and 3 day weekend!  Yippee!

Short and sweet.  I hope yours is going well too!

Happy 16th day and most importantly Happy Friday!  🙂

Janathon 15/31 and a hopeful event….

Today  was pace run day and again on the dreadmill.  Kind of getting tired of the dreadmill but I would rather do it and get my runs in than risk my life on black ice and being hit by a car running at night.  I guess I make it sound worse than it was.  Really it was fine.  I started up a conversation with the person next to me on the dreadmill and learned that he had his hip replaced  4 years ago and has never really been able to run again.  I’m guessing but I would only put him in his 50’s.  The good news is that he is still very active, hiking, biking and doing some fun obstacle 5Ks for fun and not speed.  The therapist in me started talking about being grateful for what he has in his life and tried to help him not miss running so much, what can I say I take my work everywhere!  Anyway he was happy he could still do things but did say there is nothing like a “runner’s high” and I have to agree!  It was great chatting while running because it made the time go faster and when we got done talking I thanked him because now I only had 2 miles left and felt even more energized.

So in all it was a 7 mile pace run with an easy first mile and then pace after for an even 8:41 per mile pace.  Not to bad.

Now on to the hopeful event of the day… I took the chance and registered for the drawing for the New York City Marathon.  My marathon friend Judy and I have been talking about a marathon in the fall since she is doing an early April Marathon and I am training for a late April marathon.  The fall seemed like a good time for another one.  Anyway, if you don’t know, to run the marathon in New York you can qualify through time or go through a lottery and for me the time qualifier for the marathon would be 3:26 (holy crap who are these 40-44 yr old women who can do this which by the way is faster than qualifying for Boston which would be 3:45).  So I entered the drawing for a small $11 fee that goes to support youth running I believe so it’s non-refundable.  I have a slim chance of making it because there is a huge amount of people who enter but at least I put myself out there.  Now I just need to find a back up plan for the fall but I think I have a little time.  The drawing is the first part of March so I will know then.  So here is to hoping for the best!

Happy 15th day of Janathon!  Ever run a marathon?  How fast are you and if you’re really fast do you want to teach a 42 yr old woman how to get that fast?!



Janathon 14/31

Today is a rest day so that means that I have no organized activity today.  I think that work on Wednesday’s should be counted as Janathon activity.

So here is the breakdown:

Get up

Downstairs to shower and get ready

Downstairs again for breakfast

Drive to work (I won’t count this as Janathon workout!)

Up three flights to my office (always take the stairs because no way am I gonna get stuck in that elevator)

Sit down, print something, stand up to go get it at the printer down the hall (repeat several times throughout the day)

Get client at the door, meet with client in office, walk client to the door

Stand up for 1.5 hours and facilitate group

Back to – client time for the next 4 hours – with the same back and forth and stand up, sit down (totally going to count those as squats)

End the day with one for 1.5 hour standing session and facilitating group.

This is the part where I think I need one of those fitbit thingies to calculate how much I have walked!

So that is my rest day/long work day.  After 10 hours at work I’m glad to sit down and very soon head off to bed.

How was your 14th day?  Are you staying with your Janathon updates (I’m trying)?

Janathon 13/31

It’s sprint day, it’s sprint day!!  I sound happy don’t I!  Well I needed to sound happy because holy crap, it was sprint day!  I know that doing this speed work will help me (okay I am hopeful it will help my marathon time) so off to the gym I went after work for sprints and some core work after.  I am happy I made it through it but am now very much exhausted.  I will sleep well tonight.

So here is the update for Janathon:

5 miles with speedwork on the treadmill – 1 mile easy, 1200m @ 8.5, 1000m @8.6, 800m @8.8, 600m @8.9, 400 @9.2, with rest laps of 7.0 in between and to end.  Total time of 39:20 for 5 miles

3 sets of 30 crunches and side crunches

3 – 30 sec superman

3 sets of 10 – pushups on my knees (need to strengthen my back and shoulders)

75 squats

How was your 13th day?  Are you reaching your Janathon goals?  We are almost halfway done.

Janathon 12/31 – Back to the gym

Today was  a cross train day which means back to the gym.  Surprisingly I was not as sore as I thought I was going to be.  I guess I do use most of those muscles in training and running so cross country skiing wasn’t too overwhelming.

So here is the Janathon update for today:

11.61 miles – level 9 random hills on the bike – 30 mins

3 sets of 30 – crunches and side crunches

3 sets of 12 – bridges, clam shells, leg lifts, weighted reverse lunges holding 20 lbs, side lunges, tricep work and bicep curls

3 – one min planks

Then lots of stretching, followed by a nice long massage.

I would say it was a good day.

How are things going for you on this Janathon adventure?  Happy 12th day!