To journal or not to journal

I have been reading this book. patience

I would highly recommend it.  There is so much in this book and to think I got it on sale and Barnes & Noble for only $7.00, I feel like I need to send the author some more money to compensate for all her great ideas.  I only have 30 pages left but I could hardly wait to share this really cool idea she had about journaling.

Often times I have found Clients (and maybe myself) resistant to journaling about things.  When do we find the time to do it?  What do I write about?  Well here is an answer.  Ryan says “journaling does not require writing in a blank book in neat rows.  It doesn’t even mean you have to write something down.  You can do it as a series of balloons on a big piece of paper in no apparent order or… you can imagine a conversation.”  Here is an idea for a conversation:

Write down or bring to mind the ten wisest people you know.  When you are faced with a difficult situation, a question you can’t answer, or a situation where you need advice, consult your list of wise people and decide which one could help you with the issue.  Then take the time to either write down or just formulate the conversation in your mind you would have with this wise person.  This will allow you to consider what someone you respect might say and helps you follow your heart to the right answer for you.

What a great idea!  I need to make a list of my wise people to consult and start using this.  Ryan uses this in the context of obtaining more patience in situations.  I think you could use this for many, many other things.

What are your thoughts?  Who are your wise people that you would consult?  Have you ever tried this or do you find journaling effective for you to help you through things?