Trying something different….

Okay, let’s be honest, it is probably not something different because it involves running (surprise, surprise) but I guess you could say I’m changing things up a little to spice up my running. Let me explain…. This year one of … Continue reading

Doing things with a Purpose

purposeI like to do things with a purpose and for me that means doing things with a focus and getting the most out of everything I do. 

My job as a therapist is done with a purpose of trying to help others and the theme that continuously goes through my head which is the motto of “do no harm”.

I like to think I live my life with purpose.  I wake up each day and remind myself what I am thankful for (gratitude journal) and I focus on how to get the most out of my day (just ask my family because I hardly ever sit down).

I run for the purpose of staying in shape, completing new goals, and running races because they are fun, as well as the bling from the races.  Who doesn’t want to start a collection of pretty cool medals later in life!  Okay, stress relieve is in there too.  purpose2

Well today my running took on a new purpose.  Those signs I saw during the marathon hit home a little harder especially the one that said, “Run for those who can’t”.  I found out a long-time friend has a spinal cord injury that may never let her run again.  All this due to an accident she had on a bike doing something she loved and had trained hard for all while supporting a worthwhile charity.  I started thinking that this run in a few weeks takes on a whole new purpose.  I truly want to run for those who can’t.  Those who won’t be able to feel the freedom of crossing that finish line after pushing their body to its limit.  A purpose to give back to her for coming out and cheering me on, crying with me when I finish and just being an awesome cheerleader in everything I have accomplished over the years.  She rocks!!!

So whether my half-marathon in a few weeks is a record setter (just meaning a personal best for me) or whether it is a run for completion, it will be done with purpose, for those who can’t, for those who cheer us on and sacrifice their time with us because we are training, and finally for those who have ever wanted to but have never had the courage.  I hope you find your purpose. purpose1