Rainy Friday’s

I truly believe rainy days are made for napping.  I love to listen to the sound of the rain on the skylight, from my bed of course and usually while watching HGTV, trying to read or the aforementioned napping part.  Because really what else are you going to do on a rainy Friday that you are not working.  You go run errands (like I did earlier) and you get wet.

Here is why napping is better than running errands on a rainy day….When I walked into Target with my wet running shoes I was making the most hideous noise on the tile.  I went right for the clothing section/carpeted section and try endlessly to dry off my shoes.  But of course instead I find a good deal on shirts which was not what I came in for but hey, my shoes needed to dry off and here I am!  Then my hope is that my shoes are less squeaky so it is time to depart the clothing section and make my way around the store to find the things I came in for.  Only to find that apparently many other people tried what I tried and my shoes didn’t get dry and I still squeak!  Oh well.  After roaming around the store listening to my shoes (which apparently I am the only one who’s shoes make this noise because I feel like everyone is looking at me) I pick up my last items and check out, only to find that it is raining harder and the now what seemed like a close parking spot really looks like you are in the north forty but let’s be honest here, I’m at Target and there are no close parking spots at any of the big box stores.

After a light jog to my car and only getting a little wet I make it to my car for the short ride home.  Yep that is me who lives close to a Target which is great but the truth is I have to drive past a big wal-mart to go to Target but I would do that any day and I usually do!  So I make it home in one piece because it is only rain after all and I only melted a little bit because you know someone as sweet as me melts in the rain!  🙂

Why do I tell you this story?  To convince you that rainy days truly are meant to be enjoyed from the comfort of your cozy bed listening to the rain on your skylight or windows, reading a good book/nook/kindle, watching movies or in my case HGTV, and/or napping.  Just plain relaxing because you get the day off!