I was on my home today from work, yes I know it is Sunday but residential care never leaves so I work Sundays.  Well anyway back to the story… I was on my home from work and it was raining pretty hard and the sun was shining.  Kind of a weird experience but the good part that comes with all that is that the chance of seeing a rainbow is pretty good.  As I looked to my right, out my car window, there was a rainbow.  Not just one but a double rainbow.  I always enjoy seeing rainbows.   I know the science behind how their created (not real good but it has to do with prisms) anyway, I know that it is not an unusual sight if you have all the right elements in place.  Sun and Rain!  (Double rainbow seen here is not the one from my car but another one seen this summer.  Photo credit goes to my daughter!)

So you are probably asking, why are you sharing this story?  Well it’s because it got me to thinking, afterall that is what I do for a living, what’s at the end of that rainbow, have I ever been at the end of a rainbow, how does it feel to be at the end and how does this relate to me/us in everyday life?

Well in the Christian faith the rainbow has special significance.  It represents God’s faithfulness.  To me this promise of God’s faithfulness brings me through a lot of diversity and reminds me to have faith in myself.

Looking at a rainbow in another way I began think of the hard times I have overcome, the rain I have been drenched in yet emerged a better person.  I think of that feeling of helplessness when I thought I would never see the light.  And then just when I thought I could take no more a ray of light shines through, a feeling of hope comes in.  I begin to see colors or see things in a different way.  My thoughts begin to brighten.  Once I emerge from the storms, I look back and see the beauty, see the growth and transition that took place within and I have faith in my own strength and this rainbow symbolizes all of that to me.

To answer my above questions: Yes I feel like I have been at the end of the rainbow, I found strength at the end, it feels awesome to be there, and it relates because it’s all about awarenss and looking at things in a different way.

What are your rainbow experiences?