I know, I know, I slacked off a day and didn’t post yesterday but here is why, I am headed out on vacation.  I am sure you understand the amount of work that needs to get done before you head out on vacation, well multiply that by 1000 when you are in residential care and you usually see your clients a lot.  Plus add in that I am a perfectionist and I don’t want to leave any client feeling like they are being ignored.  So then what do you get, me, a person who put in 30 hours in 3 days to make sure no one was left hanging and then a completely warn out person who will be so happy to be on vacation.  So happy in fact picture me quoting William Wallace running to my car in a parking lot yelling, “FFFrrrreeeeeeeeddddooommmmmm!!!”  Okay I didn’ t really do that but I really wanted to!

So you may be asking, if you are on vacation, why are you posting?   Well technically I leave in the morning with my daughter to head to our family lake house where my other half is and we will await the arrival of all our other girls for some family time.  So I post….

I found this quote (if you have not already figured out, I love quotes and find them very challenging):

“If you’re on vacation, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to really be on vacation.”

Which got me to thinking, will I relax and really be on vacation?  I want to be, I need to be, but how do you do that?  Well here is what I am planning on doing.  I am taking some books (okay more like my nook with books loaded on it).  I am thinking my running shoes will be a good idea too because even though I am on vacation, I want to eat like I am on vacation which means I will need to exercise!  I am going to take my laptop so I can continue to write some blogs that I will post when I get home because we don’t have  internet on our island and I am enjoying writing, kind of like the journaling I have my clients do!   And I am taking a willingness and openness to BE, and I mean just BE!  I know you are probably thinking that that’s kind of weird.  But if we have ever met you know that I need to stay busy.  There is no rest for the weary!  But I realize that I need to slow down.  I have spent many years doing, doing, and doing and I am beginning to realize that even though it has helped me get to where I am, I need to learn to enjoy just being.  Our last daughter is in her senior year (insert lots of tears here!) and soon it will just be Dave and I at home.  I want to enjoy this year!  I know it will be filled with lots of tears because I am that type of emotional mom, just ask my kid!  I want to enjoy every moment and for me it needs to really begin on this vacation.

I reflect on the quote, we do owe it to ourselves and our family.  So I am going to give it a try.  I am going to BE on Vacation staying present and aware which is something I try on a daily basis but tend to get lost in the craziness.  So maybe this vacation is more than just a vacation.  Maybe it is a restart on being present.  There is my therapy challenge for you: BE Present.  Be aware of each moment and savor it because it won’t come back around again……..Now I am off to pack!  😉