Yesterday was flying, today was trudging

After a longish day at work, I was able to come home early enough to take advantage of the beautiful weather, in the high 70’s with a breeze.  My goal today was just to run.  After yesterday’s flight across the parking lot, I wanted to make sure everything was still in place and I hadn’t hurt anything other than my hand (the whiplash went away, yeah).

So off I went, trying to escape my head.   My feet plodding along, one in front of the other.  I felt like I was going really slow and I really was not that slow but slower than my short runs usually are but I didn’t want to know.  I only looked to see how far I had gone at times but other than that I would not look at my watch when it went off.  addiction

During my run my thoughts kept focusing on the events of my work.  Today I found out about another loss of life to this disease.  Another person who was taken by addiction, another person who I can see sitting in my groups and talking to on the phone, another person who just wanted to get better.  I wasn’t second guessing whether I could have saved him.  I wasn’t wondering if there was one more thing I could have helped him do that would have made his life more valuable.  Why?  Because I know I did all I could possibly do.  I listened, provided feedback, let him talk and try to work through his problems but yet it still hurts.  I think this is the hardest part of working in addiction counseling.  My clients are some of the highest risk client’s there are in this profession.  I know that I can’t save everyone or I guess I should say, I can’t SAVE anyone!  I treat all my clients with respect and empathy and let them know that someone cares for them.  I think that is the part that hurts.  I just care so much for my clients that it is hard to see someone fall to addiction.

I thought about taking some time off tomorrow.  Because what you don’t know is that this is the third client that I know that has passed in the month of August.  One was a past client that I have not seen in almost 8 months and the other was one who transferred from my care over 5 months ago but it is still hard.  But I decided that the best thing I can do is go to work tomorrow and interact with my clients.  Talk to them, be there to support them, help them fight this disease.

So this is why I trudged.  It made me tired and this evening I have been able to relax enough to shed some tears for these wonderful souls who were trapped by addiction and now are free spirits in Heaven and no longer suffer.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have lost or who are struggling to deal with this disease.

I tried to fly…

flyToday I tried to fly and I failed.  Ok, I didn’t know I was going to go flying but it was an epic failure when I tried to do it.  I guess maybe I should say I had no net, no wings, and no force to get me off the ground but my legs.  Oh maybe I should let you know that I had not planned the event either.

It all started when I was leaving work and it was pouring rain outside.  I unlocked my car and thought okay time to make a run for it.  I went down the stairs and quickly started to run towards my car.  That’s when it happened…I found myself flying through the air, coming out of my shoes and barely able to catch myself with my hand before landing on the ground and getting very wet (the one thing I want to avoid).  First thing I thought of was, have I hurt anything that would cause me to have to stop running.  The answer was no, but because I came out of my shoes, I did get a stubbed toe that hurt a little.  Then when I made it to the car, shaking because of my epic failure to fly, I was glad that no one was around to watch me do a face plant in the parking lot.  Now as I sit here, getting sore from my failure to fly, I start to think, can you get whiplash from something like this.  I think the answer is yes.  Just like any accident my neck is stiff from the sudden jarring and my shoulder that was carrying my belongings is sore.  But the good news is, hopefully with a little ibuprofen and an early to bed tonight I will feel better tomorrow.

So what did I learn… I can’t fly!  Oh and maybe walking in the rain will keep you dryer than trying to run in the rain!

I really did have a good day though and I hope you did too!


So I guess all my regular readers know what that means.  If not, I will explain.  Today I went for a long run and I had no leg cramps until the very end.  Yippee!  The ones that happened at the end were not even that bad, oh and I should mention that the cramps were around mile 17.5 and I was able to last until 18.2, which was where I wanted to stop and I think they only came because I stopped.  The best part is that I ran 8 miles yesterday so I even got a marathon in this weekend.

Today’s run had me with a camelback water carrier.  I have never run with anything on my back and it was interesting.  I was very concerned that I would have some chafing because it was up around my neck but that did not happen, which I am very thankful for.  I came up with the idea to run with the backpack because my other half is studying for a test in a few weeks and I wanted him to be able to study while I went on my long run.  (I remember how stressed I was before I took my LMHC exam back in march and he really needs these weekends so he can pass on the first try.  Like me but I’m not bragging.)

My new hydration friend!

My new hydration friend!

Anyway, I can honestly say my run today was wonderful.  It was very hot like in the low 80’s by the time I finished but I really liked it.  There were points of it that I was able to relax and look around at the scenery.  I even met someone at mile 9 that was just out running for fun.  It was his mile 3 but we were able to chat for a few moments and by mile 10 (his 4th mile) he was turning around to go home to spend the day with his kids and I was over halfway done.  Yippee!  We wished each other good luck in our upcoming events, his a 26.2 mile walk for charity and mine, well we all know that it’s several races before the marathon in October.  I love the running community because we want to see each other succeed so much!

Then at mile 15, I passed a friend I had not seen in a year who was out for a walk with her two very young daughters.  It was so fun to see them and I was able to stop and spend a few moments catching up.  Oh and I was very thankful for the break before the last 5K to the car.

Yesterday's run and today's run with my new hydration buddy.

Yesterday’s run and today’s run with my new hydration buddy.

Now looking back, I think I have hit on some good nutrition.  I mixed the endurolytes with my water in my camelback and had more than enough to make it through.  I am not sure how this will translate to actual races because there is no way I want to carry that backpack in races but the good news is, I know I could do it if I needed to.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and taking advantage of the free chair massage at my gym.  I think my back muscles will need it with the extra weight I put on it today.

How was your weekend?  Any Yippee moments?  Please share I love to hear about accomplishments whether big or small.

Trying something new…

IMG_2749In previous posts, I have talked about my wonderful (add sarcasm here) leg cramps.  They were really troubling in my last marathon that you can read about here and here.  So I have been on a quest to figure out where the pain is coming from.  I have added magnesium to my diet, rolled a lot with the foam roller and the stick, and have scoured the internet looking for advice (because that is really what we do when we don’t have the answer right?!)

Last week I ordered some endurolytes powder  from Hammer Nutrition and today I got my box.  It was way larger than I thought and when I opened it I was delighted to find all kinds of presents.  IMG_2753[1]

I used the endurolytes powder today and mixed it with my water and it had no taste at all and mixed very nicely.  Maybe it was a little hopefulness and a lot of help from the powder, but I had no leg cramps and I felt pretty fast. IMG_2751

I also used one of the GU’s/gels that was included.  I needed the energy anyway and why not try a lot of things new, it was just a training run.  But it went great.  I had these results: IMG_2757[1]

So proud of them!

Then I came home and thought why not try the Recoverlite stuff they sent too, especially because I have an even longer run planned for  tomorrow.  It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever tasted and it actually was pretty good after I mixed it really good.  I was thinking if I try it again it would be in a smoothie or something like that.  I’m really weird with textures and powder in water is not always that great.  Anyway, I can say I have a lot of energy, not as tired as usual but tomorrows run will be the true test for the endurolyte. Meanwhile I will just hope and pray that it works.  Because I don’t know about you but runs with cramps tend to make me question things.  Runs like I had today made me realize why I keep going,  8 miles of hills and I felt stronger at the end than in the beginning!

How was your long run Saturday?  Ever try Hammer Nutrition products?

Oh, PS – Hammer Nutrition did not pay me to say these wonderful things about them.  I just found them on the internet and thought I would give it a try.  But if you know someone there who wants to give away free stuff, send it my way and I will give it a try.  ;-)

Missed me?!

I know I have not written much over the past month or so.  I have posted the motivational Monday’s but not a lot more, sorry.  I would like to say, I’ve been overwhelmingly busy with life and races and things but really it is has been more like I’ve lacked motivation.  Not motivation to do things, I think I have lacked motivation to talk about things.  We all know I have said that at times I am my own worst therapist!

Well I’m trying to work on better self-care which does include hanging out with my blog buddies.

I hope everyone has been doing well.  I have been training for my next race.  Okay not for my next race exactly but for my next marathon, I have signed up for several races leading up to the marathon.  So I downloaded and have been following a new training plan which has me doing two long runs every weekend, it’s something about building up endurance.  I don’t know about you but two long runs in a weekend makes for a very tired person at the end of the weekend.  I do however think it is going well.  Except that last weekend in my last miles of my 16 miler on Sunday I started to have some leg cramps.  I had run 8 miles the day before and I was on a fairly flat trail but at mile 15 my legs started to seize.  I call it that because I can’t think of a better term for leg cramps that occur and cause your legs to not relax.

I have spent some time doing some research about leg cramps, especially since my last marathon, and I ordered some of this stuff.  I am hopeful that it will work and judging by the fact it has already been sent out, I might be able to give it a try this weekend.  I really need to figure out the leg cramp pain because right now it makes me want to stop my distance running but I am totally refusing to stop.  I feel so good when I run and I love how much better shape I am in due to all the running.

So what have you been up?  Any long running adventures or good training plans you can recommend?  Have you ever tried building up endurance by doing two long runs in a weekend?


friendsSorry for the delay in posting, I’m just been a little overwhelmed lately.  Here is hoping that I will be more consistent.  As my first topic back, I’d like to talk about friends.

How do you make friends when you are old?  Okay, I’m not old, but I am challenged to make friends.  I know this sounds really weird coming from someone who is very outgoing.  I am involved in lots of things.  Okay maybe not lots of things but I do work all day, sometimes attend my running group and well that is about it.  I think I had more “friends” when my daughter was home.  I think this is true for most of us.  When we are raising kids we are friends with the parents of the friends of our children.  We see them all the time when we are at activities or we just spend a lot of time with them at dance competitions and we inherently become friends which is not a bad thing.

But now we are moving on with our lives, we don’t spend weekends with my daughter’s friend’s parents and we are left to our own devices.  We have to make friends.  I know it sounds strange for someone in their 40’s to begin making friends but that is where I find myself.

I have some wonderful women who I have met through work and through some extracurricular activities in the past but I have never gotten that close to.  But I think it is time to build those relationships. friends1

Right now we are hopeful that some people we met in our condo complex will be a great source of friendship.  We are planning an evening get together soon.  Yeah us!

Where do you find new friends?  Any pointers so we don’t seem to needy?! :-)