Missed me?!

I know I have not written much over the past month or so.  I have posted the motivational Monday’s but not a lot more, sorry.  I would like to say, I’ve been overwhelmingly busy with life and races and things but really it is has been more like I’ve lacked motivation.  Not motivation to do things, I think I have lacked motivation to talk about things.  We all know I have said that at times I am my own worst therapist!

Well I’m trying to work on better self-care which does include hanging out with my blog buddies.

I hope everyone has been doing well.  I have been training for my next race.  Okay not for my next race exactly but for my next marathon, I have signed up for several races leading up to the marathon.  So I downloaded and have been following a new training plan which has me doing two long runs every weekend, it’s something about building up endurance.  I don’t know about you but two long runs in a weekend makes for a very tired person at the end of the weekend.  I do however think it is going well.  Except that last weekend in my last miles of my 16 miler on Sunday I started to have some leg cramps.  I had run 8 miles the day before and I was on a fairly flat trail but at mile 15 my legs started to seize.  I call it that because I can’t think of a better term for leg cramps that occur and cause your legs to not relax.

I have spent some time doing some research about leg cramps, especially since my last marathon, and I ordered some of this stuff.  I am hopeful that it will work and judging by the fact it has already been sent out, I might be able to give it a try this weekend.  I really need to figure out the leg cramp pain because right now it makes me want to stop my distance running but I am totally refusing to stop.  I feel so good when I run and I love how much better shape I am in due to all the running.

So what have you been up?  Any long running adventures or good training plans you can recommend?  Have you ever tried building up endurance by doing two long runs in a weekend?


friendsSorry for the delay in posting, I’m just been a little overwhelmed lately.  Here is hoping that I will be more consistent.  As my first topic back, I’d like to talk about friends.

How do you make friends when you are old?  Okay, I’m not old, but I am challenged to make friends.  I know this sounds really weird coming from someone who is very outgoing.  I am involved in lots of things.  Okay maybe not lots of things but I do work all day, sometimes attend my running group and well that is about it.  I think I had more “friends” when my daughter was home.  I think this is true for most of us.  When we are raising kids we are friends with the parents of the friends of our children.  We see them all the time when we are at activities or we just spend a lot of time with them at dance competitions and we inherently become friends which is not a bad thing.

But now we are moving on with our lives, we don’t spend weekends with my daughter’s friend’s parents and we are left to our own devices.  We have to make friends.  I know it sounds strange for someone in their 40’s to begin making friends but that is where I find myself.

I have some wonderful women who I have met through work and through some extracurricular activities in the past but I have never gotten that close to.  But I think it is time to build those relationships. friends1

Right now we are hopeful that some people we met in our condo complex will be a great source of friendship.  We are planning an evening get together soon.  Yeah us!

Where do you find new friends?  Any pointers so we don’t seem to needy?! :-)


Finding Space

spaceHow do you do it?  How do you find space for yourself?  I currently live in a house full of people.  There are usually only two and at times three but she is usually off at college.  Right now I find myself with 4 people in a small house and two large cats.  Sometimes I just need to find some space.  I often find it difficult though and I begin to become resentful.  Resentful that I have been invaded with no end in sight for one and the other will be going back to school at the end of August.  In my head I’m screaming “I want my house back!” but on the outside I am just a grump-a-saurusrex.

So how do you find space… I have found going to work is my space.  It’s my little closet/office that I can close the door and look out the window and relax a little.  I say a little because I only get to do this for a short amount of time due to having clients all day long but I will take it.

I find space in my car.  It’s like my own personal living room.  The windshield is my tv where I look out and see what crazy things people do and sometimes I just shake my head while at other times I talk out loud to myself usually directed at them!

Best of all, space is discovered when I am out on a run.  I don’t listen to music.   I listen to my feetrun hitting the ground.  I listen to what my body is trying to tell me with the various pains and adjust in response.  I listen to the sounds of nature or if at the gym the sounds of unusual silence.  I know weird right.  The gym is quiet but only because all the people, usually about 20 people, are all plugged into headphones and no one is talking.  They are all focused on what they are doing.  Maybe this is their way of finding space.

Sometimes I find I need more space than other times.  This does not mean I don’t love my family, it means I need to take time to take care of myself.  I find I do this best when I have had some “me time”.  I always encourage my clients to take some time for themselves because if they are not in great space, then they can become grump-a-saurusrexs and I don’t know about you but that is not my favorite feeling in the world.

I encourage you to take some space.  I’m going to try and find some more space for myself this week so I am easier to live with in my little house with lots of people and my two big boned cats.

How do you find space for yourself?